Libra Starts the End of Public Chains

In my previous article (So Many Public Chains, So Few Dapps), I pointed it out that too many public chains was one of the reasons that there were so few Dapps. App developers really do not want to develop their apps for so many blockchains. The over supply of blockchains is actually hindering the adoption of blockchain technology. The Libra blockchain provides an opportunity to solve this problem. Libra is composed of three parts, Libra stablecoin, Libra blockchain, and Libra Association. Currently, most attentions have been focused on Libra stablecoin. But, in my opinion, Libra stablecoin is just a Troy horse. The real threat hidden in Libra is Libra blockchain. According Libra whitepaper, Libra provides a simple financial market infrastructure. But Libra blockchain does not only...

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